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Performing Experience

Suzanne Toase, LSC Graduate, Into The Woods

Based on its considerable experience of successfully preparing students for professional performing careers, London Studio Centre offers an unparalleled range of opportunities for students to gain performance experience throughout their three year course.

Performing before a 'live' audience is perceived as an indispensable aspect of theatrical training, offering students a whole variety of experiences from auditioning, through rehearsals with established professional choreographers and directors, to the stresses and disciplines of a professionally devised production.

These productions are staged in a variety of different venues, both in London and throughout the UK. They are all steered by an experienced professional team of lighting, sound and stage management technicians.

With its extensive contacts in the professional world of producers, agents, directors and choreographers, it is possible for London Studio Centre to ensure that all its productions act as valuable showcases for the students who take part. They offer the casts exposure to a range of employers in the professional theatre able to be of assistance to them in the highly competitive careers on which they are about to embark.

Sophia Ragavelas, LSC Graduate, Les Miserables (West End, Eponine)
Sophia Ragavelas, LSC Graduate
Les Miserables (West End, Eponine)

Performing experience during the first and second year of training is viewed as an essential part of the curriculum. A major dance performance, Dance Overture, staged every summer at a leading London venue provides these students with the opportunity to work with leading choreographers and directors each of whom employ a broad range of techniques. Dance Overture serves as an introduction to the professional stage for students embarking on their training at London Studio Centre. Students are well supported by teaching and production staff as they confront the challenges of performing in professional venues very often for the first time.

London Studio Centre also presents smaller scale drama and dance productions, as well as choreographic evenings of the students' own devising.

In the final year students join one of our performing options and work, to all intents and purposes, as a professional company in their chosen professional field. The companies tour a full evening programme of work to theatres and arts centres throughout the UK; the tour culminates in London performances which provide the ideal showcase for potential employers. These performances complete the students' education as dancers and set them on the road to successful professional careers.