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Alumni carving their way through the commercial industry

The Commercial industry is a notoriously difficult environment to navigate. Here at LSC we are very proud of our alumni and how they tackle the challenging nature of the industry, taking it all in their stride. 

Entering the industry well prepared makes a big impact in kick starting the careers of our graduates and here at LSC we pride ourselves in producing versatile performers educated and fit for the profession. We spoke with George Hodson alumni of London Studio Centre and graduate from the Jazz Dance specialist pathway to give us an idea of the variety of work he has been involved in after completing his training on tour with LSC's Jazz Dance Company.   

LSC: What type of work have you been involved in since graduating from London Studio Centre in 2013?

George: Since graduating I have danced for artists such as Taylor Swift, Kiesza, Years & Years and performed at events such as The Brit Awards, X Factor, VMAs, Glastonbury and many more. Most recently I've been involved in a hip hop, contemporary, spoken word, theatre production working with Avant Garde Dance Company, which out of all the high profile gigs I've done has to be the most challenging and also rewarding I've been a part of.

As well as having a passion for dance I've always been very entrepreneurial and interested in fashion, therefore creating a clothing line was a no brainer and although dance will be my main focus (for now at least) I'm loving owning my own company and getting to create things I love in material form.

George Hodson1

George (back) dancing alongside Kiesza, 2014. 

LSC: What are you enjoying the most about being part of the Avant Garde Dance Company production of Fagin's Twist?

George: This is my favourite job because it has been the most challenging, inspiring, frustrating and rewarding thing I've ever been a part of, and all these elements are shown through the production. it is made up of only 8 dancers the show is the highest possible quality and each dancer brings a fresh energy. As a collective we have all come from very different walks of life and also dance backgrounds and because of this a beautiful vibe is formed.

George Hodson

Above: George (centre back) with Avant Garde Dance Company's 'Fagan's Twist', 2016

LSC: What skills did you have from your training at LSC that has helped you when auditioning and working in the industry?

George: The main thing I can thank London Studio Centre for is my diversity in dance which I pride myself on. Due to the high standard of the faculty at the college everyone has the opportunity to be trained in many styles to a very high standard which is a great asset in this industry and is one that a lot of other dancers don't get the access to.

LSC: What advice do you have for performing arts students following in your footsteps?

George: Never stop learning, don't just leave college and think you're at the peak of your profession. Keep training, learn from inspiring people on your journey and never be scared to fail. I've talked to too many people who are too intimidated to walk into a professional class outside of college which is ridiculous because 99% of the time every class I've been in has a really positive attitude and everyone there wants to see growth, and if it doesn't then you need to remove that negative energy from your life. 

Polly Clothing 2Polly Clothing is Georges new project; a street style clothing line.

You can find out more information on social media at @pollyclothing and the website


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