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Funding & Scholarships

For details about tuition fees for full-time courses please see Course Fees.


OfS Registration:
London Studio Centre is delighted to confirm it is registered with the Office for Students. This means that students (re) enrolling on courses leading to a higher education qualification in 2021/22 are able to receive a tuition fee loan.

Students studying for a postgraduate qualification may be able to apply for a Postgraduate Master’s loan. More information on Postgraduate Loans can be found at the link here.

EU Students:
The Government has confirmed EU nationals who have settled or pre-settled status in the UK under the EU Settlement Scheme can apply for student support. For further information please see here:

Financial Support

The following list sets out the support available to different groups of students (click on each one to show/hide information):

The Student Loan contribution towards fees for new students in 2021/22 is £6,165. This is paid directly from Student Finance to LSC.

(Student Loan contribution is the maximum amount available to receive as a tuition fee loan from the Student Loans Company; the course fee may be higher)

UK/EU students are able to apply for a Student Tuition Fee Loan to cover the cost of part of the fees. Tuition fee loans are paid directly to the college on the student's behalf in three instalments in October (1/4 - £1,541.25), February (1/4 - £1,541.25) and May (1/2 - £3,082.50).


A student will only start repaying the loan from the April following the completion of their course and only if they are earning above the relevant threshold. The repayments are calculated as 9% of the income above the monthly threshold so that repayments rise and fall directly in-line with income. The amount of time it takes to repay the loan depends on a person’s income after graduation and the total amount borrowed.

For students starting their first course in 2021, the repayment threshold is £511 per week, or £2,214 per month. Repayments are collectly directly from a PAYE salary or via self-assessment for the self-employed. Alternatively, voluntary payments may be made by a person earning under the threshold or before the start date for repayment. Interest on the loan is charged from the time of the first payment until your loan is paid back in full. Different levels of interest apply depending on the year the course commences. For further details, see Plan 2 at:

The Student Maintenance Loan is aimed at helping with living costs; which enables students to support themselves whilst studying and attracts a very low interest rate. Maintenance Loans include a means tested element which has replaced the Maintenance Grants. If parental income is £25,000 or less, the student will receive the highest loan.

Maintenance loans are paid directly into the student’s bank account at the start of each term. The amount available to a student depends on a number of factors; family income, where the student lives, where they will be studying and maintenance grants for which they are eligible. For more information about loan amounts and to access the student finance calculator, click here.

The maximum amount for a student living away from home in London in September 2021 is £12,382.

Like the Tuition Fee Loan, repayments start the April after leaving LSC and then only if the student is earning the required threshold.

This Scholarship was introduced to support students from lower-income backgrounds with their tuition fees at London Studio Centre. It will be awarded to eligible students and directly allocated towards their tuition fee account.

The Tuition Fee scholarship works on a sliding scale with the maximum amount of £3,000 being awarded to students. Those students receiving the highest possible maintenance support from Student Finance will be awarded a £3,000 Tuition Fee Scholarship which will be deducted directly from the student’s tuition fee account.

In order to apply for the London Studio Centre Tuition Fee Scholarship, students must present their University Payment Advice form from Student Finance to the Registrar; the amount of Scholarship will then be calculated, the amount will be credited towards the students tuition fee account and the student will then be notified in writing the amount they will be awarded. Only those students who present the necessary documentation showing they are recipients of a maintenance grant will receive a London Studio Centre Tuition Fee Scholarship.

LSC is proud that income generated through performances and other ventures enables the college to provide a Widening Participation Fund for its students. This fund awards tuition fee bursaries to students from under-represented areas that require additional financial support.

London Studio Centre is thrilled to announce the introduction of LSC’s Legacy Scholarships; initially the Teneisha Bonner Scholarship and the Bridget Espinosa Scholarship. These scholarships further LSC’s widening participation commitment to support talented individuals to train at conservatoire level. LSC’s Legacy Scholarships are a collection of scholarships named after key figures influential in the establishment and continued support of LSC during its history. The scholarships will be awarded annually and will provide the recipient with full tuition fee support for their three years of study.

London Studio Centre is proud to be part of The Wall Trust's Scholarship Scheme. Scholarships are awarded to exceptionally talented students of the performing arts on the recommendation of the college. The Wall Trust audition normally takes place in the autumn term after students have already begun their course; students are nominated based on talent and it is decided through a formal audition with members of the Trust.

Thanks to the generosity of the Leverhulme Trust LSC is able to offer scholarships to students to help meet its Mission of enabling students to become innovative and skilled performers, at the cutting edge of professional dance and music theatre regardless of background.

Student Finance

See the relevant link below for further detailed information about what support is available for you:

UK Students

EU Students

Any queries regarding Student Finance at London Studio Centre please contact the Registrar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..