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Student Welfare

London Studio Centre sees the welfare and pastoral care of its students as a vital aspect of its work. A clear structure exists within London Studio Centre to facilitate this aspect of student services.

LSC consults with dance industry bodies, such as One Dance UK and Higher Education partners, and is constantly looking to review and enhance its practices to provide students with the best possible support.

Physical and psychological components of training

Head of Student Welfare: Stephanie De'Ath
Head of Pastoral Care and Student Counsellor: Lizzy Du Verney

Physical and mental health and well-being are recognised as necessary and important factors in supporting the student experience. LSC has a team of dance-specialist practitioners who have weekly appointment availability on site and students can see them for treatment at an affordable rate. This includes physiotherapist Warrick McNeill for injury prevention, management and rehabilitation. Zerlina Mastin for nutrition, Tatina Semprini and Lewis Wilkins for Sports Massage and Counselling with Lizzy Du Verney.

All students are strongly advised to register with their own general medical practitioner (GP) near to their place of London residence for the treatment of everyday health problems, and for referral as needed. LSC has an ongoing relationship with the NHS Dance Injury clinic in London, which supports LSC students with complex injury cases.

During the induction process strategies are introduced to help prepare the students, emotionally, physically and psychologically for the increased demand and expectation of vocational training. This is supported by the first year of training for both Foundation and BA students, which contains sessions surrounding Dance Science which equip the student to better understand how to prevent injury, optimise performance and develop personal strategies to manage their wellbeing.

Students are further supported throughout their training with Health and Wellbeing week activities, workshops and drop-in sessions.

Both the Head of Student Welfare and the Head of Pastoral Care liaise on a regular basis to monitor the needs of the student body, which feed in to immediate and annual enhancements. LSC has an open door policy and welcomes feedback from student’s about the support services available to them. All staff have completed an enhanced DBS check and safeguarding training.

Specific Learning Differences (SpLD)

Head of Learning Support: Dr Deveril

Students with Specific Learning Differences (SpLD) are supported by the Head of Learning Support, in line with London Studio Centre’s Specific Learning Differences Support Policy.

LSC can arrange for students without a recent diagnosis to obtain a formal Diagnostic Assessment (subject to eligibility). The process involves one-to-one discussions with the Head of Learning Support to ensure that students are aware of the implications of being formally tested. If the student wishes to proceed with a formal diagnosis, for which there is a reasonable charge payable by the student, the Head of Learning Support connects the student to a testing service.

Following discussions and/or assessments, students are given the necessary support across the programme. UK students who receive DSA funding might also be provided with external support as per their Needs Assessment.

Induction, audition and enrolment

Through the audition process each student undergoes a physical assessment with a dance specialist physiotherapist which uses physical assessments to identify any physical concerns and if these may affect the student's ability to progress successfully and safely within full-time vocational dance training.

All students receive a screening within their first term at London Studio Centre. This is used to assist the student in transitioning smoothly onto the course. It includes discussion around medical concerns, nutrition, psychological concerns and also uses the information from the student's physical assessment to look at injury prevention strategies.


Private Medical Insurance is strongly advised for all dance students to assist them with getting treatment that is both swift and dance specific. Students and parents are reminded that the fees for all specialist treatments are their responsibility.

All students are advised to insure their personal belongings.

Personal Tutors

Each student has a Personal Tutor with whom they have regular contact, either in the form of group tutorials or individually as required. The Personal Tutors help guide the students through the course. Issues of a more personal nature are referred (with student consent) to the Head of Pastoral Care who supervises the Personal Tutors. Issues requiring medical or injury support are referred (with student consent) to the Head of Student Welfare. Issues arising are dealt with in strict confidence and in the case of post 16-year-old students no information is divulged to external sources without explicit permission from the student. Counselling, physiotherapy, massage and nutritional support is available to students on site throughout each term. London Studio Centre also has information on a range of specialist agencies involved with the care and well-being of young people, should the student wish to seek support externally.

Each student also has a number of Course Tutors who deal with specific techniques and contextual studies, and each of whom offer regular feedback, both verbal and written.

Health And Safety

London Studio Centre has established a Health and Safety Committee that monitors every aspect of the development and application of the Health and Safety Policy at the College.

London Studio Centre also has a comprehensive Student Welfare Policy, with supporting documents on Healthy Eating Guidelines and Mental Health Guidelines.

Student Representation

Students are members of the National Union of Students and elect representatives annually; they co-ordinate its work and represent the student body in discussions with management. Students are also represented on the Academic Board, Board of Studies and a wide range of other enhancement Committees, enabling them to contribute to the development of policies at London Studio Centre.