LSC Associates

LSC Associates

  • Duration 1 year
  • Start date September 2024
  • Apply by September 2024
  • Funding Unavailable


This programme (ages 8-18) gives students the opportunity to enhance their current training to achieve the technical standard and versatility required for entry into a range of vocational colleges alongside other gifted students who share their passion and drive to pursue a performing career.

Each student will have the opportunity to receive individual ongoing advice and potential career development from their panel of teachers. Many Associates have progressed into full-time school and into other leading vocational training establishments.

The emphasis is on the development of secure fundamental technique in classical ballet, contemporary dance and jazz dance, with the optional addition of voice technique/singing. There is also supplementary training of pointe work, hip hop, acting, tap dance, mental wellbeing as well as professional workshops.

This course runs on a yearly basis with the provision of progressive lessons for those wishing to stay on for more than one year. It runs on Saturdays for 30 weeks over three terms with presentations and showing opportunities at London Studio Centre’s in-house theatre.

Course entry is by audition only. Students already enrolled on the programme will be assessed during the year to provide feedback and to review the progression on the programme for future years.

LSC Associates staff are experts in their field and provide a taste of vocational training for groups of students that are gifted and talented. Places are accepted by audition only, so it gives the chance for gifted students to be among other gifted students who really share a similar passion for dance and performing. This also gives students a wider view of the industry, by dancing outside their local school classes whilst simultaneously enhancing their training within the local dance schools as well.  There is mentoring and guidance for students during the programme. The main benefits of the programme include:

  • Vocational style teaching by industry experts
  • Vocational school setting with professional resources
  • Professional musicians for ballet and contemporary classes
  • Making contacts for the future (staff including guest teachers and peers)
  • Audition preparation
  • London Studio Centre’s Summer Programme
  • Senior Associates receive a free audition for the full-time school courses


London Studio Centre
5 Nether Street
Tally Ho Corner
N12 0GA


West Midlands
The Hereford Academy
Marlbrook Road

Applications are now open

More information can be found under the applying tab.


London – Sunday 9th June 2024

West Midlands – Sunday 16th June 2024



Students will receive classes in ballet, contemporary, jazz, drama, singing, body control, safe dance practice and audition preparation. Students will be assessed at various stages during the year and will receive feedback to gain knowledge of their progress.
Term Dates 2023/24


Term 1
23rd September 2023 – 2nd December 2023
Half term –28th October 2023*

Term 2
13th January 2024 – 23rd March 2024
Half term – 17th February 2023*

Term 3

20th April 2024 – 6th July 2024

Bank Holiday (no classes) – 27th April 2024

Half term – 25th May 2024*

*no classes 

West Midlands

Term 1

30th September 2023 – 9th December 2023

Half term – 28th October 2023

Term 2

13th January 2024 – 23rd March 2024

Half term – 17th February 2024*

Term 3

20th April 2024 – 6th July 2024

Bank holiday (no classes) – 27th April 2024*

Half term – 25th May 2024

*no classes 

Notable Dates:Open Day (London) – Saturday 2nd December 2023

Open Day (West Midlands) – Saturday 2nd December 2023

Assessment Day – 24th February 2024 – London HQ

Versatility Day – 23rd March 2024 – London HQ

LSC Associates Showcase: Saturday 6th July 2024

Term Dates 2024/25


Term 1
21st September 2024 – 30th November 2024
Half term –26th October 2024*

Term 2
11th January 2025 – 22nd March 2025
Half term – 15th February 2025*

Term 3

19th April 2025 – 5th July 2025

Bank Holiday (no classes) – 3rd May 2025

Half term – 24th May 2025*

*no classes 

West Midlands

Term 1

28th September 2024 – 7th December 2024

Half term – 2nd November 2024*

Term 2

11th January 2025 – 22nd March 2025

Half term – 15th February 2025*

Term 3

19th April 2025 – 5th July 2025

Bank holiday (no classes) – 3rd May 2025*

Half term – 24th May 2025

*no classes 

Notable Dates:Open Day (London) – Saturday 30th November 2024

Open Day (West Midlands) – Saturday 7th December 2024

Assessment Day (all students at London HQ) – Saturday 22nd February 2025

Versatility Day (all students at London HQ) – 22nd March 2025

LSC Associates Showcase – Saturday 5th July 2025


Senior Associates

11:00-12:15 12:25-1:40 1:40-2:152:15-3:303:40-4:55
Class 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5

Mid Associates

11:00-12:15 12:25-1:40 1:40-2:302:30-3:303:40-4:55
Class 1Class 2Class 3 Class 4Class 5

Junior Associates

11:15-12:1512:25-1:40 1:40-2:152:00-3:153:30-4:30
Class 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5


Entry requirements

Applicants must have the following to be considered for the LSC Associates programmes:

  • Experience and aptitude in dance with at least three years of experience in ballet, contemporary or jazz dance
  • You must have the ability to travel to London or Hereford for each of the term dates

Applicants must be in the age ranges listed below by September 1st in the year in which they wish to enrol:

Junior Associates (ages 8-11)

Mid Associates (ages 12-14)

Senior Associates (ages 15-18)

LSC Associates Experience Day & Auditions

Sunday 9th June 2024 – London

Sunday 16th June 2024 – West Midlands

If you would like to be considered for a place on the programme, or you would just like to experience a typical day on the LSC Associates programme then we offer a day in June for this opportunity. The day costs £25, payable in advance.

Just as with a typical day, participants will take part in a ballet class, a contemporary class, a jazz class and an optional singing class. The day will run between 10:30am-4:30pm. Anyone wishing to attend this day must complete an application form and pay the fee to register your place.

To apply for this day, all participants must meet the above entry requirements.

For those that wish to be accepted onto one of the LSC Associates programmes, the panel will take time to review the day and make a decision. All applicants will be notified of their outcome by email within four weeks. Applicants who audition successfully for one of LSC Associates programmes will be required to complete a registration form, provide identification documents and pay a non-refundable deposit to secure their place on the programme within the deadline stated in the offer email.

Parents or guardians are most welcome to come along on the audition day; staff are available to answer any questions they may have about the LSC Associates programme.

Alternatively, if you cannot attend this day you can apply via the video application process detailed below.

LSC Associates Video Application

An applicant may submit an audition video in lieu of attending the audition day, along with a fully completed application form.

When applying through video application, please give a brief statement to the camera about previous training and experience, including why you would like to train at London Studio Centre and why you think the course would be right for you – this should be no more than 1 minute in length. This should be submitted in addition to your application form and the sequences stipulated below.

For the video recorded audition, please demonstrate the following:



  • Pliés – Two positions only
  • Tendu


  • Pirouette exercise
  • Adage
  • Petit Allegro or Grand Allegro

No pointe work is necessary for this audition


A performance of a contemporary dance solo, this can include a mixture of styles and demonstrate some travelling steps and jumps to show movement vocabulary. Floor work should also be included where possible. Solos should be no more than 2 minutes in length.


A Performance of a jazz dance solo that demonstrates technique, flexibility and performance quality. Try to show the style of jazz dance in which you feel the most confident. It may include any of the following genres: music theatre jazz, hip hop/street, commercial or lyrical jazz, but should aim to include elements of fundamental jazz technique within the solo. Solos should be no more than 2 minutes in length.

Singing (optional)

An optional short song (ideally a song from a musical of any era) but if the candidate has little or no singing experience then ‘Happy Birthday’ will suffice. Ideally, all centre work should be filmed front and centre. Barre work should be filmed at a 45° angle from the diagonal front. Singing can be filmed face on, or at a slight angle.

Total video running time: 20 minutes maximum


Option 1

Ballet: black leotard, pink ballet tights and flat ballet shoes for the ballet class.

Contemporary: black leotard, black footless tights, black all-in-one with bare feet

Jazz: leotard (any colour), black tights, jazz shoes (not trainers)

Option 2

Ballet: jazz leotard (black or white), black tights, or all-in-one with black or white ballet shoes and socks

Contemporary: black leotard, black footless tights, black all-in-one with bare feet

Jazz: leotard or tight dance top (any colour), black tights or jazz pants, jazz shoes (not trainers)

Singing: please wear something smart/casual that suits the style and/or character of the song. For all genres, please do not wear jewellery (stud earrings are allowed) and long hair should be tied back and presentable.

Video applications should be submitted via YouTube, we recommend that videos are unlisted so they are unavailable to view unless a link is supplied. Please email links to

All applicants submitting a video audition must complete the online application form in full and select ‘Video Application -Yes, I will be applying by Video Audition only’ under the first set of options.

Video applications will be accepted between 1st January to 31st June.

Please submit the video audition link on the same day as the application form.


Annual Fees

Annual fees for 2024/25 are:

LSC Junior Associates: £1,525.00 per annum.

LSC Mid Associates: £1,650.00 per annum.

LSC Senior Associates: £1,725.00 per annum.

If paid in instalments, there will be a £25 admin fee added to the course fee.