An applicant may send an audition video in lieu of attending an audition, along with a fully completed application form.

When applying through video application, please give a brief statement to the camera about previous training and experience, including why you would like to train at London Studio Centre and why you think the course would be right for you – this should be no more than 1 minute in length. This should be submitted in addition to your application form and the sequences stipulated below for each pathway.

The following sequences have been devised to allow applicants to learn a short piece of work taught by a member of LSC’s faculty. Please include these sequences in your video submission.

The video should include all dance elements. All centre work should be filmed front and centre, barre work should be filmed at a 45° angle from the diagonal front.

Video applications should be submitted via YouTube, we recommend that videos are unlisted so they are unavailable to view unless a link is supplied. Please email links to

All applicants submitting a video audition must complete the online application form in full and select an audition date listed under ‘Video Audition’ in the location option which automatically becomes the deadline by which you must have submitted your video audition.

Total video audition running time: 20-30 minutes maximum